CHEMIST is the first-of-its-kind
virtual chemical lab for mobile devices.

Experiment with various lab equipment,
procedures and 300+ chemicals however and
whenever you want—without the need to buy
chemicals or clean up afterwards.

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Your virtual lab comes with
180 inorganic and 60 organic chemicals,
and 17 easy-to-use apparatuses
for all your scientific demanding.
However, FYI: glassware shatters!



Try these handy tools in your experiment
with a single tap and drag.
Measure the temperature of a chemical,
stir the mixture with the glass rod,
or even freeze a solution using the magic frost wand!


CHEMIST displays data of chemicals
and related reaction equations in real-time.
So you can understand what's going on not only visually
but also in accurate numbers.


Chemistry experiment is fun but sometimes hazardous.
While in CHEMIST, you can experience chemical reactions up close without
worrying about making a mess or breaking fingers.


Want to learn a little bit more about some chemicals? 
Tap on the reagent bottle to reveal its info sheet. 
You can even get a list of reactions related to that chemical.


Change the lab temperature, set the air composition,
or even speed up and down the time in the setting menu.