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A living body simulator that allows you to
experiment with medications, procedures, and activities.
Learn about fitness, health, and medicine in a futuristic way.

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With a transparent and elegant aesthetic,
you can observe what’s going on inside each organ:
pumping heart, stomach acid
even urine in the bladder…


Organ Panel measures medical data from each organ.
Read ECG from the heart, EEG from the brain,
GFR for renal function, or check the gastric pH level.
Everything is calculated in real-time,
so you can see how human body reacts to different conditions.


Over 200 medicines, hormones, food and drinks available for experiment.

Choose between continuous infusion, oral pill, and IV push. Push the syringe for an injection, like a real doctor.

You know the world could always use more doctors.

Learn how different substances work and how human body reacts to them.¹


Most of the hormones and drugs interact with biological receptors in our body.

The receptors trigger physiological effects, such as mood, sensation, the regulation of other hormones, body temperature, and many others.

Read the receptor data from
each organ in a constantly updating diagram.


Watch the pizza you ate earlier traveling
through the 30-feet GI tract,
turning from a bolus into a chyme,
and finally being excreted.


Time is of the essence to save a life.
Experience the Emergency Room situation.
Use CPR, Defibrillator and other procedures
to create a miracle.


Our custom Physiology engine, combined with
real-life physics simulation,
gives you a human body that is fun to play
and intuitive to learn about.



¹Medical data are simulations only and should not be used for medical judgement and diagnosis. Always consult a physician for your condition.